The only pizza stretcher that can simulate the action of the hands.

It uses a cold-working process

OperaPrima is an innovative pizza stretcher with a patented technology; it uses a stress-free cold-working process to stretch different types of dough without stressing it.

It simulates expert hands

OperaPrima entirely replaces skilled labour, cutting fixed personnel costs. It is possible to stretch 200 pizzas an hour, with a customisable diameter, boosting the efficiency of the pizzeria. Simply place the dough on the plate and press the start button: the pizza base is ready in seconds.

It creates a well-defined edge

OperaPrima has been designed to shape a defined edge. The opening system can create a crust with an adjustable tickness according to the needs. In this way it is possibile to obtain different kind of pizzas: neapolitan, classic and roman pizza.

It makes an artisan pizza

OperaPrima is the first pizza stretcher that uses an automatic system to create a superior quality end product. Thanks to its technology, even unskilled personnel are able to make a great artisan pizza.

Special features

Attention to details
and high level design.

Modern design and high quality materials

3 buttons for start, stop and reset

Display for adjustment of pressing, extension and extension time

Openable drawer with automatic lock
during the work cycle

Dish with illuminated indicators for dough centering


Sectors of use.

Independent pizzerias

Come and try it
for free

We remain at your disposal to provide you with further information and to show you how the pizza stretcher actually works. Bring your own dough to our company facilities: we can test it and try out your recipes.


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